Beef (Jersey Steers) is available to order by April 15 and is usually available Spring or summer 18 months to 2 years later.  One can buy a whole, half or quarter which includes butchering, packaging for the freezer.  We  only raise what is ordered.  

Please see Meat pre-order form for pricing.

taking deposits for 2023, with a 2025 butcher date


Pork is available to order between August-March and pickup approximately September.  One can buy the whole hog  or half a hog which includes butchering, packaging for the freezer, smoking, curing or fresh, sausage, spice and your choice on size of cuts.  This includes: roasts, hams, steaks, chops, bacon, and sausage

Please see Meat pre-order form for pricing.

Orders due by April 2024

Farm Raised PorkFarm Grown Pig

We accept credit cards on website or at the farm.   

3 % credit card fee is added to total.

Cash and checks do not have fees.

Deposits are only refundable if we cannot fill your order or applied to balance of something else ordered.

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