Ohio Golden Retrievers

At Golden Acres Farm, our family’s first love is the Golden Retriever.  The are fantastic family dogs, great with children.  They want to be in the middle of your family activities,  they are part of the family and you are his pack.  They love life, playing, exercise, hunting, hard work, and being silly.   They are kind, friendly, confident, intelligent, loyal, great with other pets, livestock, love strangers, eager to please, social and highly trainable.  Golden Retrievers, including ours,  have been used for guide dogs, therapy dogs, ability assistance dogs and Search and rescue dogs.  The Golden Retrievers sweet, calm, lovable nature is the hallmark of this breed.  The Farm has a 1 year Health Guarantee on all our puppies, if they are maintained on NuVet supplements.  We have dark golden, medium, light and cream in color.  We are very careful with our genetics and the genetics of our dogs pedigrees.  We want long living, healthy puppies for our families.  Our puppy families tell us that their Veterinarians love our puppies!  We have LOTS of recommendations.  We love to help where we can and will re-home, if needed.


**Taking deposits on winter 2021 Golden Retriever litters**

Golden Acres Farm received A1 plus rating as Breeders!

Golden Retriever Testimonials       

Golden Acres Farm offers a microchip option for all new puppies.

All puppies and their new families go home with our puppy kit. For the Health Guarantee to be valid:  all puppies and dogs must be maintained on NuVet Plus

Golden Retriever Puppy Deposit agreement with AKC papers

Golden Retriever Puppy Deposit agreement without AKC papers

Golden Retriever Sales Agreement with AKC papers

Golden Retriever Sales Agreement without AKC papers

Golden Retriever stud agreement

We do accept credit card payments on website or at the farm.

The puppy deposit agreement or sales agreement need to be filled out in full and signed and brought in person, texted picture, emailed, scanned and emailed or postal mailed within two days from payment date for puppy to be guaranteed.
Please indicate if you want a microchip and a gender must been chosen on the paperwork. 

credit card fees and local sales tax are added to total.

Deposit is half and is required to hold pick order.  Final payment plus taxes is due to be paid by mailed check two weeks before puppy is chosen and taken home or by cash or Credit card on take home day.  

If you want to meet parents of the puppies, we set appointments between 8-10 am Monday thru Saturday.  We are closed Sunday.  We do not show puppies before 5 weeks of age, they are dependent on their mothers immune system.

See Agreement: No Refunds.

The drop down menu gives you options to have a AKC puppy with papers, an AKC puppy without papers for a less price and a microchip choice.

Golden Retriever

Our puppies come in light, med. light, med. and dark Golden also with the traditional or square head. There are lots of pictures of our past puppies on our farms Facebook page. We take newborn group pictures then individual pictures at 5-6 weeks of age and post them on Facebook.

All puppies are cleaned daily, well loved, get lots of fresh air, and are exposed to children and many different animals on the farm.  They receive their third worming and first vaccination before they go to their new home.  All puppies are guaranteed to be healthy and free of any disabilities.  References available.

If you want to meet parents of puppies, appointments are made Monday thru Saturday between 8-10 am.  We are closed Sundays. We do not show puppies before 6 weeks of age.  They are dependent on their mothers immune system.


All of our dogs use NuVet Plus supplements for vitamins, minerals and great immune boosting.  For the Health Guarantee to be valid all puppies and dogs must be maintained on NuVet Plus.

We highly recommend NuVet for all dogs.

Please go to their website to order:  www.nuvet.com/22569

or call 1-800-474-7044 order code: 22569


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