What is a Guardian Home?

Golden Retrievers


A Guardian Home is a home for giving proper attention and love to a breeding golden retriever female dog. It is a way to have a great pet at a fraction of the cost. Becoming a Guardian Home gives you the opportunity to have one our top notch female puppy or female dog as a family pet.  Rather than buying our puppy, you will put down a $600 Deposit that will be returned  to you at the end of her breeding career (6 litters or 6 years of age). Once the Guardian dog is retired, she is spayed at our expense, your deposit is returned and stays with her forever family. Golden Acres Farm and Kennel, LLC will retain ALL breeding rights.  We reserve the right to cancel our Guardianship Program at any time, if we deem it necessary .  Generally, Golden Retrievers are very healthy dogs and rarely need veterinary care.  As a Guardian Home, you will required to pay for the everyday expenses of owning a dog including: food, grooming, monthly parasite prevention and veterinary expenses, if needed for illness.  Guardian Home is required to consult and get approval of veterinary procedures from Golden Acres Farm and Kennel, LLC prior to procedures. Golden Acres Farm and Kennel, LLC is responsible for all breeding expenses, vet expenses related to breeding, NuVet Supplements and  yearly vaccines at the kennel while under Guardian Home Program.


You must be willing to do the following:

  • Previous experience with dogs
  • Live no more than 1 hour from Blanchester, Ohio and have no plans of relocation in the next 6 years.
  • Pay a $600 deposit that will be returned when the dog/puppy is retired from breeding and spayed at our expense.
  • Own your own home with proper, secure fencing.
  • Must not be left unattended outdoors.
  • Feed premium, high quality dog food at your cost and follow the recommended amounts 2x a day. .
  • All other dogs in the home must be fixed.
  • Proper housebreaking and potty training.
  • Provide regular exercise, socialization and most importantly, your love and time.
  • Contact breeder immediately in the event of a serious illness or accident.
  • Send a copy of all vet visits to breeder.
  • Provide basic veterinary care for any medical issues NOT related to breeding, emergency vet costs, keeping dog on monthly preventatives for flea, tick and heart worm.
  • Guardian Home is required to consult and get approval of veterinary procedures from Golden Acres Farm Kennel prior to procedures.
  • Do not allow her to become overweight.
  • Must not allow her to mate with any other dog but an arranged one with Golden Acres Farm.
  • Must be willing to transport female dog to Golden Acres Farm every time she’s in  heat for a 1 week stay.
  • Be able to communicate with us, the breeder ,about mating, whelping, vet visits and anything else breeding related.
  • Communicate monthly through email or phone about dogs health and send pictures.
  • Guardian home has no rights to puppies produced by this dog.
  • Keep well groomed and clean.
  • If dog is not boarded at Golden Acres Farm and Kennel, LLC, Guardian home will give Golden Acres Farm and Kennel, LLC, contact information for Kennel or pet sitter before departure.

Golden Acres Farm and Kennel, LLC will do the following:

  • Provide Guardian Home with a Female, healthy puppy or adult dog. The dog is still ours until retirement.
  • Pay for any veterinary costs related to breeding only.
  • Golden Acres Farm and Kennel, LLC will provide the daily NuVet supplements for a healthy breeding dog for you to pick up.
  • Golden Acres Farm and Kennel, LLC  pays for spay of dog when no longer breeding at retirement then the dog officially becomes yours!
  • Try to board dog when Guardian family is out of town.
  • Provide support for Guardian Family.
  • Bring to Golden Acres Farm and kennel, LLC for yearly wellness visits and yearly vaccines at our cost while under the Guardian Home Program until retirement.
  • If at any time you decide the Guardian Home Program is not for you, we will take the dog back even after retirement.
  • Should puppy/dog die of natural causes in Guardian Home care, contract will terminate.  If it happens while in Breeders care, we will replace puppy from next available litter.

Email for an Application for Guardian Home Program

The application can be returned by picture text to 513-602-5019 or scan and email to [email protected].

We are choosey who we have home our precious dogs. We need homes that will work with us and willing to wait till we have a puppy of quality for breeding.

Directions To Golden Acres Farm and Kennel, LLC


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