Goats and Lambs

Our Boer-cross goats and Hamp-cross are raised on pasture and grain as naturally as possible with no hormones given.  The goats are great for meat, brush management or pets.  The lambs are also great for meat, pasture or pets.  Goats and Lambs are available to order by April 15  and pickup the end of  July or beginning of August.  Pricing includes all butchering and packaging.  This includes chops, roasts, ground,  leg of lamb, kidneys, heart and liver.  

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We have 2 lambs available for your freezer about January 2017!  See order form for details

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We accept credit cards on website or at the farm.  

3 % credit card fee is added to total.

Cash or check do not have fees.

Deposits are only refundable if we cannot fill your order or applied to balance of something else ordered.

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